The International Conference IABES 2015

Mariposario de Benalmadena

The International Conference IABES 2015 (International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers) takes place every two years. This biannual conference took place in Marinduque an island province of the Philippines from the 2nd to the 9th of November. The host to this year’s conference was Elisabeth Heitzman, owner of Flora Farm and one of the most important breeders and exporters in Asia.

Delegates from all over the world who made the corresponding presentations of their institutions attended the conference, one of the most interesting aspects of the presentation of the latest additions, were the projects in Dubai, Turkey and Malaysia. During their stay in the Philippines the delegates had the opportunity to visit the facilities of several breeders of the island and in situ appreciate how they work. In addition, other aspects were appreciated such as the role and influence of the breeders and the exhibitors of butterflies in situ as the conservation of species and their habitats and the creation of a code of conduct or the guidelines for the association to ensure their good work, as the professionalism of all members to safeguard the best results. As a the only representative of The Benalmadena Butterfly park and of Spain, the deputy director and veterinary, Mrs. Asunción Gómez Alonso attended this years conference.

Butterfly Park Benalmadena